CLACKS COUNCIL has reported that they have now filled their active taxi quota, amid reports they had made a U-turn on their wheelchair accessibility policy.

During a meeting of the Regulatory Committee, it was agreed that they would temporarily suspend the policy to only accept wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

This was carried out in order to attract more taxis to the fleet, which had significantly decreased in Clacks in recent times.

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council said: “Due to recent unforeseen circumstances, which have seen the number of taxis in the area significantly decrease, the Regulatory Committee agreed to temporarily suspend the policy to only accept taxi operator applications for wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

“This was planned to be for a minimum of six months, or until a quota of 52 active taxis was achieved.

“Since the decision was made to suspend the policy, there has been an influx of applications for new taxi operator licences and all available taxi operator licences have now been allocated.

“The council has reserved three licences that will only be granted to wheelchair-accessible vehicles.”

Now that the taxi quota in Clacks has been reached, the council is actively searching for wheelchair-accessible vehicles to give out licences to.

They have put out a call for anyone with a suitable vehicle to get in touch to begin the hiring process.

The spokesperson continued: “The council is committed to maintaining a fleet of taxis that includes a sufficient number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and a reasonable level of availability of standard saloons, as well as 6/7 seat vehicles.

“The policy was successful and has already more than doubled the number of wheelchair-accessible taxis in Clackmannanshire.

“Anyone interested in applying for a taxi operator licence for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle should note that the Regulatory Committee have also formally waived the requirements for such vehicles to be less than five years of age, and applications can be considered for wheelchair-accessible vehicles over that age.

“All enquiries should be made with the licencing team on 01259 450000 or by email to