CHILDREN from Abercromby Primary School had the chance to visit Holyrood itself as they learned all about the Scottish Parliament.

As part of Electoral Comm UK Welcome to Your Vote Week, the pupils have been learning about democracy in Scotland.

Welcome to Your Vote Week places a focus on helping young people feel confident enough to get involved in democracy.

The theme for the week this year is Your Voice Matters, with pupils discussing various forms of government and producing their own information leaflet for visitors to the Scottish Parliament.

To top off their learning, they visited the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood to see democracy in action for themselves.

Throughout this trip, they had a tour of the debating chamber, learning all about devolution and met with Keith Brown, MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane, who answered any questions the pupils had.

In the classroom, the pupils got to form their own political parties, had a leadership contest and are currently involved in producing their own manifestos.

There will be a debate involving the two parties ahead of next week, where children will get to vote for their chosen party in a mock election.