DUNFERMLINE MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville has called on a future Labour government to commit to restoring funding for Scotland - and allow the Kincardine Health Centre project to be completed.

The MSP for Dunfermline and West Fife has also urged Graeme Downie, local councillor and Scottish Labour's parliamentary candidate for Dunfermline and Dollar, to join her in writing to Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Mr Downie, however, criticised the SNP-led Scottish Government for failing to deliver the promised new health centre.  

A new Kincardine health centre has been in the pipeline for several years with the existing facility deemed not fit for purpose.

Plans had been developed but hopes were dashed last year when the Scottish Government revealed that they were delaying their funding until “the second half of the decade” because it was no longer a priority.

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Shirley-Anne hosted a public meeting in the town last month alongside representatives from NHS Fife and Kincardine Community Council.

"At the public meeting last month, it was abundantly clear how important this project is to the local community," said Ms Somerville.

"Everyone is understandably frustrated by the current situation, but it was agreed we would all work together to ensure people in Kincardine can access improved services and a purpose-built facility as soon as possible.

"I was therefore very surprised and disappointed to read Mr Downie again attempting to use this matter for political gain.

"During the meeting, everyone in the room was given an opportunity to have their say and it was really powerful to hear residents fighting for their community.

"Mr Downie, on the other hand, did not say a single word, instead waiting to have his say through a press release afterwards.

"People in Kincardine deserve better than that and can easily see through such blatant electioneering.

"I would urge Mr Downie to instead join me in writing to Keir Starmer and demanding the Scottish Government is given the resources it needs to ensure vital projects like Kincardine Health Centre are delivered as soon as possible."

Hitting back, Cllr Downie said: “After almost 17 years in power, SNP Ministers need to start taking responsibility for their choices instead of this desperate attempt by Shirley-Anne Somerville to shift the blame for the SNP’s failure to deliver a new health centre in Kincardine which was promised as far back as 2016 and before.

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“All Ms Somerville has to do is shout over the Cabinet table to the Health Secretary, Michael Matheson, who has refused to even meet with local people in Kincardine and who has said very clearly that Kincardine is not a priority for the SNP.

“A future UK Labour government will grow the economy and clean-up the mess left by 14 years of the Conservatives. That will deliver public spending that will be used by a future Scottish Labour administration at Holyrood who will make Kincardine a priority.”