A CLACKMANNAN man who defecated and urinated in a police van has been jailed.

Thomas Fleming, 37, of Mary Place, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court by video-link from prison.

He admitted that on January 20 at Erskine Place, Clackmannan and in a police van, he acted aggressively, shouted, swore, repeatedly struck his head in the van cage, repeatedly kicked the van, made threats of violence and offensive remarks and threatened to strike officers with spit and faeces.

On the journey to Falkirk police station, he defecated, urinated, smeared the van cell, filled his mouth with blood and spat it and saliva, and caused cost to Police Scotland.

Depute fiscal Mandy Jones said officers had been called to an incident in Clackmannan and Fleming was arrested.

He became “highly agitated" shouting, “f*** you, I’ll do you” and “I’ll s*** in the van”.

When he was put in the cage of the police van, Fleming “managed to pull down his trousers and defecate” added the depute.

He also banged his head against the side of the cage, resulting in him sustaining a cut.

When the van arrived at Falkirk police station, Fleming again defecated and urinated inside the cage.

The police van was out of operation for a period while it was being cleaned out after Fleming’s antics.

Defence solicitor Kelly Howe said her client suffered from “significant mental health issues”.

“He seems to have taken umbrage at being stopped by the police and things went downhill from there,” she added.

Sheriff Neil Bowie described the incidents as “simply appalling” and jailed Fleming for 10 months.