THE Cambus postmaster who recently had his criminal record rightfully quashed after the Post Office scandal is looking to help other victims.

Robert Thomson fought for years to have his case looked at again after he was wrongfully convicted of stealing thousands from the Post Office in the 2000s.

In January, he eventually won, having his name cleared and his life restored, putting a spring firmly back in his step.

“It was a lot of weight off of my shoulders,” Robert told the Advertiser. “I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call.

“I’m so much more different to how I was before, you better believe it. Depression doesn’t go away overnight but hopefully I’ll get there in the end.

“I see a huge difference in my wife and my two boys as well, they’ve been in my company and they know what it’s all about.”

Robert’s story had been the centre of a huge media focus, with the Post Office and Government falling under heavy scrutiny over their handling of the scandal, particularly following the ITV drama 'Mr Bates vs The Post Office'.

He was only one of hundreds of Post Office employees wrongly terminated from their positions and made criminals as the result of a software issue.

While Robert’s case has been cleared, there are still a huge number of former sub-postmasters living with criminal records they do not deserve.

Robert, who now lives in Alva, has vowed to help other victims of the scandal by sharing his story and urging them to keep fighting.

At the time of writing, he is also waiting to hear back for an offer of compensation from the Government and has not made a decision on this just yet, despite reports across the media.

“I’m waiting on my solicitor coming back to me,” Robert added. “I’ve not had an offer just yet. I’d like to be able to help other victims by using my own case.

I’m hoping to be part of a group of other victims and we can reach out and help each other, the TV company Sky is helping me set that up.

“I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope people get back to me, see what we can do.”