PROPOSALS have been put forward for a seasonal recreational short-term let in Roundel Plantation outside Dollar.

The plans outline the construction of a cabin, while also transforming an existing hut, called Nova, into a second short term let accommodation.

These two cabins will be located approximately 100 metres up the Straight Brae from the B913, providing a secluded getaway for guests.

In a supporting statement submitted to Clackmannanshire Council as part of its planning application, owners stress that the cabins will be non-intrusive to the surrounding areas.

They state: “The proposed cabin would be situated within the woodland, adjacent to the Straight Brae, facing north to the Ochils.

“A black finish blends into a woodland background and makes a structure almost invisible from a distance, especially when the trees are in leaf.”

The owners were inspired to propose a second short term let cabin, following the success of renting Nova, which is available between the Spring and Autumn.

The cabins will be strictly off grid, meaning there is no mains power, water or drainage system, with the only available electricity provided by solar panels.

The statement continued: “With the proposed letting use and only one car per cabin, and the likelihood that guests will only make a few trips by car each day, compared to previous times the traffic and noise impact is minimal.

“The chance opportunistic letting of Nova during the staycation period (post the Covid pandemic) made it clear a seasonal short-term off grid letting offering was viable.

“The popularity of letting Nova suggest this could extend to support a second cabin for seasonal short holiday letting.”