A SAUCHIE man, who shouted and swore at his former partner who had her child with her, has been sentenced.

Kevin McKeown, 35, of Craigview, appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on July 24 at Mill Street, Alloa, he repeatedly followed his former partner, shouted, swore, made derogatory comments and acted in an aggressive manner towards her.

At a previous hearing, Sheriff Neil Bowie described the incident as “very unpleasant” and added, “This would have been upsetting and distressing for the child.”

He imposed a one-year non-harassment order and called for a Caledonian Programme assessment for domestic offenders.

When McKeown returned to court, Sheriff Garry Sutherland imposed a community payback order with two years of supervision and participation in the Caledonian Programme.