CONSULTATION on the permanent relocation of St Mungo’s RC Primary is set to go ahead, following a majority vote from councillors today (Thursday, March 21).

At a meeting of Clackmannanshire Council, elected representatives voted to launch a public consultation to allow people to provide feedback on the future location of the Catholic school.

At present, St Mungo’s is located within Alloa Academy, having relocated there in 2018 following flooding at its original site.

Councillors have put forward the recommendation that the primary school is permanently relocated to Alloa Academy.

The plan was backed by the majority of the council, who commented on the successful integration of St Mungo’s within Alloa Academy so far.

Cllr Graham Lindsay, education spokesperson, said: “The operation currently within Alloa Academy is very smooth. The young people, supported by a fantastic group of staff, continue to grow and thrive in a high-quality educational environment.

“The Alloa campus has the required space available to accommodate St Mungo’s Primary School on a permanent basis. It provides an excellent learning environment, and a high standard of building for young people to grow and develop.

“Young people and staff are able to benefit from additional learning facilities and it’s much more efficient and sustainable.”

However, the proposal was opposed by Councillor Craig Holden, who lodged an amendment calling for the public to be aware of other options considered by the council.

In the report presented to councillors, the council identified three other potential options for St Mungo’s. These included building a new school on one of three sites – the original site at Forth Crescent, another site, or on the land adjacent to Park Primary.

While these were considered in the report, they were not put forward for the consultation. Cllr Holden argued all the options should be included.

He explained: “How useful would it be if consultation from public came back that indicated they were not in favour of the co-location within Alloa Academy?

“Would it not be more useful if the public provided more nuanced response and asked about other options which are worth of consideration?

“Do you think it’s the best way to consult with people by blocking off three options and leaving them with one?

“It suggests that you’ve made up your mind before you’ve asked them the question.”

Despite his objections, Cllr Holden was outvoted, with the consultation set to go ahead following a 15-2 vote in favour of the proposal.

George Marcinkiewicz, the religious representative for the Catholic Church, also voted against consulting only on the re-location to Alloa Academy.