A MAN sadly died in Sauchie on Saturday morning despite the efforts of an air ambulance team who were rushed to the area.

The air ambulance helicopter was dispatched as the Scottish Ambulance Service responded to the call out.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Police Scotland confirmed that they were also in attendance following reports of a death of a man, but that there was no further police involvement required.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: The air ambulance helicopter at Fairfield Park in Sauchie.The air ambulance helicopter at Fairfield Park in Sauchie. (Image: Debby Walker Photography)

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Police were notified around 10.35am on Saturday, April 8 that a man had died in Greygoran.

“There are no suspicious circumstances and no further police action.”

The air ambulance landed in the nearby Fairfield Park. The helicopter remained in the area for a short period of time before leaving.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “We received a call to attend an incident at Greygoran, Sauchie, on April 6, 2024.

“An ambulance, air ambulance, a critical care paramedic and a resuscitation rapid response unit (3RU) were dispatched to the scene.”