A SAUCHIE man, who ignored a non-harassment order, has been jailed.

Dean Ross, 28, of Main Street, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court by video-link from prison.

He admitted he breached a non-harassment order on March 13 at Medwyn Place, Alloa by entering a property there, contacting his ex-partner and then contacting her by phone.

He also breached the non-harassment order on March 25 again at Medwyn Place, when he was in the company of his ex-partner.

He further admitted that he shouted, swore, repeatedly stabbed himself with a pen and acted aggressively.

Depute fiscal Sean Iles said the second incident involved Ross being with his former partner at her home, watching TV together.

An argument began and he was shouting at her before they began to struggle with each other. He then grabbed a pen and started stabbing himself in the arm and neck.

Sheriff Neil Bowie jailed Ross for 260 days. He also imposed a non-harassment order for a year.