PROPOSALS for a telecommunication mast to be built in Cambus have been submitted, which will see nearby houses have their signal boosted.

Diageo Scotland, which has a sizeable warehouse complex built in Clackmannanshire already, has put forward an application to have the mast built next to the former Garvel Farm.

In the planning application, Diageo state their proposal is for the “installation of new data mast to boost signal from Ochil Hills for dwelling houses”.

The proposals have been put forward as part of a previous planning application submitted by Diageo, which approved the erection of five new warehouses.

Diageo were given the go-ahead to demolish Garvel Farm and construct the warehouses on that site, with the condition that broadband speed is maintained for nearby houses.

The original planning application condition, submitted and approved in 2022, stated: “Details of the arrangements to be put in place by the applicant to monitor and maintain a broadband connection equivalent to at least the existing broadband speed to the occupiers of the houses to the south of the site during the construction and operational phases of the development.”

The construction of the 25 square metre telecommunication mast will allow Diageo to discharge this condition and move forward with the construction of the five new warehouses.

These will be added to their huge warehouse portfolio already, with the 25m high tower constructed alongside some of the warehouses.