A TEENAGER threw a snooker cue through the window of a house in Alva.

The culprit, Bradley Sabo, of Lawswell in Fishcross, appeared in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court.

The court heard that the 18-year-old’s actions were targeted at his former partner and her female friend.

He admitted that on February 12 in Alva he shouted, swore, acted aggressively, made threats of violence and threats to property.

At Minto Gardens he threw a snooker cue at a window, smashing it.

He also admitted that between April 3 and 4, he engaged in an abusive course of conduct towards his former partner.

He made threats of violence to her via her friend and via her parents after calling them. He made further threats to her directly during a phone call.

Depute fiscal Sean Iles said in the first incident Sabo had gone to the house and smashed the window.

He later said to his ex-partner during a phone call: “I’m going to come and smash the rest of the house. I’m going to kick f*** out of you.”

The next incidents involved Sabo making threats towards his ex via her friend.

He also phoned up his former partner’s parents at 3am saying: “You better come and get your daughter under control before I do or I’m going to smash them all.”

After finding out about this, his ex called Sabo at 4.30am and during the call he made threats, including: “You’re f****** dead”.

Defence solicitor Robert Smith said his client had been responding after receiving offensive messages.

However, he added that Sabo’s behaviour was “inexcusable” and that “he accepts he went about things in entirely the wrong way”.

Sheriff Neil Bowie imposed a community payback order with a year of supervision, a four-month restriction of liberty order and a non-harassment order lasting a year.

On the smashed window offence, he deferred sentence until October 24 for good behaviour and to find out the cost of the damage.