TWO Advertiser readers emptied shelves at a store as they participated in a Snappy Shopper basket dash challenge.

Julie Young and Patrick Gilchrist were the lucky contestants in the challenge and together they walked away with a grand total of £217 worth of items from the Keystore Alloa Menteith Mini Market.

The Alloa residents were given 60 seconds each to fill a basket with as many items as they possibly could with it all being paid for by Snappy Shopper.

Alcohol, vapes, tobacco and lottery products were all excluded by the deal, limiting Julie and Patrick to the grocery items on sale.

Julie was first up for the challenge and, cheered on by friends and family, she ran around the store filling her basket with as much as she could carry.

The speedy shopper filled a basket to the brim and still managed to load up her arms with more items, bringing her total to £120.

“It was absolutely amazing,” Julie said. “I’ve always wanted to do it and I’ve done it and I did well.

“I got kitchen roll, toilet roll, Spanish cleaning stuff, Lurpak, coffee, teabags, washing up liquid, Lenor, sweeties, Red Bull, just your basics.

“We’ll be eating well for a wee while. I’d have emptied the shop [if I had more time].

“I loved it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a great wee shop, it’s a fantastic wee shop.”

Next up was Patrick, who had stopped by the shop the day before to come up with a game plan before starting the challenge!

However, he admitted afterwards that nerves got to him and he forgot his plan, but still managed to secure a whopping £97 basket.

Patrick, who has stayed in Alloa for 20 years, had a last minute scramble to find mussels for his daughter but managed to grab them just as the buzzer sounded.

“I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I was kind of bricking it at the start but once I got into it, it was a good laugh.

“You’ve only got a minute and you’re thinking ‘What can I do in a minute?’ but it’s amazing what you do.

“I came in yesterday and had a look and then it went out my head completely this morning. I had the butterflies.

“I got cleaning stuff, burgers, toothpaste, lots of frozen food, sweets, sun cream, orange juice and just general groceries.

“I just grabbed as much as I could inside a minute. I got the mussels in the end, they were for my daughter so it was brilliant.

“It’s a great wee shop, I’ve been going to the shop for 20 years, it’s the hub of the local community and they sell good stuff.”

Alloa shoppers can now take advantage of a promotional offer from Snappy Shopper – simply use the voucher code 10SNAPPY to get £10 off an £11 shop.