A WHISKY stockist is set to open a bonded warehouse in Alloa as it looks to make casks more accessible as a commodity.

Whisky Partners, specialists in the whisky investment and acquisition sector, said the seven-figure investment into the site marks the beginning of a long-term project for the business, which plans to purchase additional warehouses in the future.

The site, in the vicinity of The Pleasures, is set to be operational by June 1 with the business seeking to break down barriers that have traditionally made purchasing and holding casks more challenging compared to other assets, such as wine.

Alistair Moncrieff, founder of Whisky Partners, said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new bonded warehouse in Alloa.

“At Whisky Partners, we were founded on the principle of private clients investing in the maturation process of whisky casks. We have over 22,000 casks maturing in Scotland,

“The investment market for spirits is rapidly expanding and we want to lead the way with technology.

“We are committed to offering accessible avenues for investors and our focus on innovation and technology ensures that clients can confidently navigate this market to maximise their investment potential.”

The opening of the bonded warehouse is synchronised with the upcoming launch of Whisky Partners’ Decant Index, a proprietary technology platform seeking to revolutionise the industry's standards for customer engagement and transparency.

The technology offers clients an end-to-end perspective from cask to bottle and also gives greater transparency when purchasing casks and bottles in bond.