A CLACKS artist who has been researching witchcraft trials in the area is set to be a part of the first-ever remembrance event for those who were accused of black magic.

Karen Strang, who previously featured in the Advertiser with her paintings and research exploring the injustice suffered by women, will be at the Scottish Storytelling Centre next month.

On Sunday, June 2, the Weaving Creative Threads event will feature the Wee County painter along with an evocative blend of other artists, storytellers, singers and speakers who will gather to remember Scotland’s accused witches.

It will mark an artistic grass-roots reclamation and remembrance of June 4, the historical date of the Witchcraft Act of 1563.

It is believed that from the 1560s, around 2,500 people were executed after being found to be witches - most of them women.

Award-winning Karen has been exploring the subject and as part of The Creative Coven, a group of artists organising the event, she will be presenting an original interactive talk on the day.

She will be speaking about female artists, painting and witchcraft in the 17th century as part of a cauldron of workshops in what will be a full-day programme.

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The event is not for profit, with proceeds to help fund a living, breathing, Witches Memorial Grove in the Caledonian Forest.

Also featuring on the day will be Creative Coven founder, storyteller and author Rowan Morrison, artist and basket weaver Katy Bremmer, storyteller and woodland leader Jane Mather, performance storyteller Lindsey Gibb and more.

The event recently received the backing of MSP David Torrance, who lodged a motion at Holyrood.

It is understood that 625 people accused and executed in witchcraft trial records were unnamed.

People are being asked for portrait drawings so that the artists can give the unnamed a face.

There is no need to be a professional artists to create one, there is only a need to care about the injustice women and men suffered. Find The Creative Coven on social media for more details.

The Creative Coven will also be holding a special National Day of Remembrance Ceremony on June 4 in the grounds of the historic Dunfermline Abbey from 7pm.

It will be a collaborative ceremony with Remembering the Accused Witches of Scotland, which has been supportive of the creative work.

People are asked to email creativecovenscotland@outlook.com if they would like to attend; free for those who bring their ticket from June 2.

The June 2 event at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh will start at 10am on the day, visit tickettailor.com/events/thecreativecoven/1157347 for more details and tickets.