PATIENTS requiring CT scans should experience shorter waiting times after a mobile scanning unit was installed outside Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

It will be in place for at least six months and is expected to carry out more than 7,000 scans for patients from across NHS Forth Valley and NHS Lanarkshire.

Jennifer Gilchrist, radiology manager at the hospital, said: “We are delighted to have access to the mobile CT scanning unit for the next six months as this provides additional capacity and will help reduce waiting times for local patients.

“Work is also underway to explore opportunities to increase our CT scanning local capacity in the longer term to help keep pace with rising future demand.”

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The computerised tomography (CT) unit will produce detailed images of all parts of the body using X-rays to help diagnose a wide range of conditions.

These include strokes, cancers and injuries to internal organs while the scans are also used to monitor patients during and after cancer treatment.