DOLLAR town centre will be revitalised as part of a major investment, should a Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate win the seat.

Thomas Heald, Tory candidate for Dunfermline and Dollar, has pledged that he will lobby the UK Government for direct funding if he is elected.

He pointed out that he feels areas such as Dunfermline and Dollar are struggling and are in dire need of major investment to survive.

Mr Heald has sworn to add his voice to a dedicated ‘Save our Town Centres’ fund from the UK Government, which would deliver grants directly to both Fife and Clackmannanshire councils.

He said: “Centres such as Dunfermline and Dollar are struggling and need major investment to ensure they remain a vibrant hub of the local community here in the constituency.

“If I am fortunate enough to be elected as MP for Dunfermline and Dollar on July 4, then I will be lobbying the UK Government for a dedicated Save our Town Centres fund.

“That money will go directly to councils to spend on our town centres and supplement what councils already receive.

“Councils could use it to scrap rates for struggling businesses or remove parking charges in our town centres.”

This funding would be supplemented by the UK Government’s levelling up fund, which has seen £5 million worth of investment funnelled to Dunfermline already.

These grants have delivered millions for communities across Scotland and Mr Heald says adding to that would allow councils to take “positive” measures to support town centres.

Suggestions of what the funding could be used for include scrapping parking charges within town centres.

He has called upon the SNP government to work alongside the UK Government on the fund and work on passing their own support for town centres including ruling out a workplace car park tax.

He added: “The UK Government’s levelling up funding has already delivered for Dunfermline, thanks to the hard work of Scottish Conservative MSPs, and I would fight for more.

“The SNP government must work with the UK Government over this fund and also do their own bit to support town centres by passing on the rates relief available to firms in England or ruling out any plans to introduce a car park tax at workplaces.”