THE Scottish Greens have announced their candidate standing for the Alloa and Grangemouth ward in the upcoming election.

Nariese Whyte, a former care worker from Larbert, will be representing the party at the election next month and aims to provide a local voice to their campaign.

The 23-year-old has lived their whole life in Falkirk, studying psychology at Stirling University and co-founding the Disabled Stirling Students Society.

Nariese said: “The Scottish Greens have already delivered so much positive change for Alloa and Grangemouth.

“I’m standing in this election to build on that record of success. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

“The climate crisis is rapidly getting worse and the time we have left to tackle it is running out. The Greens have the solutions, and it’s critical that we get behind them before it’s too late.

“While other parties are competing with each other to drop their green pledges and reassure greedy corporations that nothing will really change, only the Scottish Greens are prepared to take the action required to protect our planet and our future.

“At this election, we need to vote like our future depends on it. Alloa and Grangemouth deserve an MP who will fit for the kind of transformative measures we need to tackle the climate crisis and eradicate child poverty.

“The Scottish Greens are proud to give more people than ever the opportunity to vote for our positive vision of a fairer, greener, independent Scotland.

Nariese has outlined their aims for this campaign, which include fighting for a wealth tax on those with assets of at least £10million and an end to the tax breaks on oil and gas companies.

This money will then be reinvested in improving the railways and making homes cheaper for Scotland.

The Scottish Greens have put out a record 44 candidates at the upcoming election, which Nariese will be a part of.

Lorna Slater, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, added: “Nariese Whyte will be contesting the new Alloa and Grangemouth constituency, giving the people of Grangemouth [and Clackmannanshire] the chance to vote for a proper, green, transition for the refinery, and building on the work of our local Green MSP Gillian Mackay.”