A PARMA wallaby joey has been born at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

The baby wallaby joins the mob of Parma Wallabies already homed at Blair Drummond, following their transfer from Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian in March.

The joey was born over the weekend at the nation’s top safari park, with the staff at Blair Drummong thrilled to welcome the baby to its new home.

Carly Meaney, keeper at Blair Drummond, said: “Young emerge from the pouch between 23 to 25 weeks, and will go in and out the pouch until about 30 weeks.

“Full weaning occurs between 9 and 12 months. Our young joey is gaining confidence and is spending longer periods of time outside mum’s pouch each day.

“Watching its progress is truly heartwarming.”

The Parma wallaby holds the title of the smallest among kangaroos and wallabies.

A mob of wallabies transferred to Blair Drummond after previously being housed at Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder.

Visitors to Blair Drummond Safari Park can catch a glimpse of the joey in the Lemur Land section of the park.