HOMEOWNERS affected by the Tillicoultry RAAC crisis will have to wait until August at the earliest to find out what will happen to their homes.

Council officers confirmed in a meeting with the UK RAAC Campaign Group that a report has been set to be put forward to councillors on August 29, which will allow them to review their options.

As previously reported by the Advertiser, homeowners and residents from three flat blocks in Tillicoultry were forcefully evicted from their homes following the discovery of the controversial crumbly reinforced aerated autoclaved concrete in October.

Since then, they have been rehomed in homeless or temporary accommodation, while they await answers for what will happen to their homes.

Now, Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the UK RAAC Campaign group, has stepped in to represent those affected by the crisis.

Sharing updates of his fight on his blog, he posted details of a meeting held with three council officers wherein he discussed residents’ concerns and what options the council is looking at.

Present at the meeting included Murray Sharp, senior housing manager, Andrew Buchanan, housing operations manager and Wilson Lees, homelessness and supporting people manager.

On the meeting, Wilson said: “The meeting was characterised by candid and friendly exchanges, leaving me with no doubts about the integrity of the officers’ statements.

“Each council member appeared genuinely committed to addressing concerns, openly discussing their limitations and objectives, and providing extensive information on policies favouring homeowners.

“The UK RAAC Campaign Group remains steadfast in its pursuit of clarity and fairness from Clackmannanshire Council.”

As shared in his blog, Wilson discussed various topics with the council at the meeting, the biggest of which secured confirmation that the council would not pursue compulsory purchase orders.

A CPO would allow the council to buy the property back without any consent from the owners.

The council officers admitted that they were interested in pursuing fair prices for the property in the event of demolition, and that these would be valuated at pre-October prices.

This would provide a fair price for the homeowner, given that the value of the property will have decreased following the RAAC discovery.

Wilson pushed for the option of property removal, with residents given the opportunity to go into the property and remove any items of sentimental value.

Andrew Buchanan told Wilson that the risk levels remained high and that such actions would have to be undertaken with the strictest safety conditions.

Homeowners and residents are advised to keep note of any recent renovations done in the homes, with compensation a possibility if demolition is what the council opts for.

Lastly, the council officers have agreed to provide access to mental health services for residents who are struggling in new accommodation.

These have been shared with residents via a WhatsApp group created to allow council officers to keep in touch with those affected.

Wilson continued: “The council’s stance on compensation for relocation costs, temporary accommodations and recent renovations remains unclear.

“It’s imperative that any purchase order reflects the unique circumstances of each homeowner, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

“I’m encouraged by the council’s efforts to share information on accessing mental health support and their proactive approach in providing requested inspection reports and including me in the local WhatsApp group after consulting with residents.

“These actions demonstrate a sincere commitment to transparency and accountability.

“While I hope this report alleviates some concerns for local homeowners, it’s essential to remember that the UK RAAC Campaign Group stands ready to support them throughout this crisis.”

While council officers can meet and discuss the situation with Wilson, they were keen to stress that councillors have the final decision on actions regarding the affected flat blocks.

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council added: “We recognise that this is a worrying time for those concerned and we will continue to provide appropriate support and updates when they are available to those directly affected.”