BRIAN LEISHMAN promised “better days are ahead” as he was elected Member of Parliament for the Alloa and Grangemouth constituency.

The Labour candidate beat returning SNP representative John Nicolson by 6,100 votes, taking the seat away from the National Party.

Mr Leishman will now go on to be the first MP of the newly christened Alloa and Grangemouth seat.

He addressed the Alloa Town Hall after being officially unveiled as their new MP, promising to throw his full attention at helping voters.

He said: “We have run a positive campaign based on providing solutions to the issues that matter most to people.

“Throughout the campaign, I said I wanted to represent everybody from every community across Alloa and Grangemouth.

“I say this to you again tonight - however you voted, or even if you didn’t vote at all, it doesn’t matter.

“I will work tirelessly in your interest to deliver the change that we need.”

Alloa and Grangemouth form just one seat that Labour has successfully taken from SNP and the Conservatives.

This puts them on track for a landslide victory, restoring Labour to power for the first time since 2010.

Mr Leishman outlined some of his party promises which saw him take over and vowed to keep fighting for the people in his constituency for the issues that matter most.

He continued: ““Results from across the country tonight ensure that we are on course for a Labour government.

“Throughout history, Scots have been at the forefront of Labour governments and this tradition will continue with Scottish Labour MPs at the heart of this next one.

“Tonight is just the start of the change Alloa and Grangemouth, Scotland and the United Kingdom needs.

“In government, we will deliver economic stability, cut NHS waiting times, give over 200,000 Scots a pay rise with the new deal for working people.

“We will make Westminster work for Scotland.

“Thank you for this opportunity to represent you. Better days are ahead.”

Lastly, he paid tribute to the fellow eight candidates standing alongside him, who lost out on the seat.

He showed deep gratitude towards his campaign team and towards the people of Alloa and Grangemouth who voted him in by a staggering 18039 votes.


He added: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to say a few thank yous – to returning officer Nikki Bridle, to everyone involved in all the polling stations across the constituency and here tonight in Alloa Town Hall.

“I’d also like to pay tribute to my fellow candidates who were on the ballot paper.

“Standing for any elected position that will see you represent people is a big decision and I respect anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to public service.

“I’d also like to thank my wonderful election agent Craig Miller and all the incredibly hard working volunteers that have done so much in making Alloa and Grangemouth a Labour gain.

“Most of all, I’d like to thank people from all across this new constituency.”

A full breakdown of the votes can be seen below:

Comrie, Eva – Independent: 881

Fairley, Richard – Reform: 3084

Flanagan, Tom – Workers Party: 223

Leishman, Brian – Labour: 18039

MacAskill, Kenny – Alba: 638

May, Adrian – Lib Dems: 1151

Nicolson, John – SNP: 11917

Nunn, Rachel – Conservatives: 3127