BOTH Alloa Park and Alloa Tower were once used to entertain lords, ladies, local businessmen and women who did charity work.

On Thursday 1st April 1875, the Walter Erskine, and his wife Mary Anne, the Earl and Countess of Mar and Kellie held a supper for local businessmen and merchants as well as workmen from the Alloa Park estate.

Around a hundred ladies and gentlemen attended, sitting down at three tables set as one long dining table in the main hall at the house.

At various times, the potted plants on the tables were removed, and on the evergreen decked wall were the words 'Long life and happiness to the Earl and Countess of Mar and Kellie'.

The Earl's butler Mr McGregor, occupied the chair and oversaw the proceedings.

After the blessing had been given, the assembled company ate a sumptuous supper which was described as 'first class'. Toasts were said, the first being to the Earl.

McGregor referred to the restoration of the titles of Earl of Mar and Kellie after the death of the late Earl of Kellie.

He went on to say how happy he was the title of Mar, which had been out of the family for eight years, had also been restored, then he proposed the health of the Earl.

In his reply Erskine told them it gave him great pleasure and satisfaction that the titles had been returned.

He went on to tell his employees he was so grateful that he could trust them so completely and had the utmost confidence in them.

He finally thanked everyone for attending the evening's festivities.

Mr Simpson gave the toast to the Countess, mentioning all her charitable work and acts of kindness in the county and knew all she did was greatly appreciated.

Mr Ormiston, the head gardener for the Erskines, proposed the next toast and Mr Palmer proposed a toast to the younger members of the family

A toast was also given to Charles Erskine, the Earl's brother.

Further toasts followed then the guests made their way to Alloa Tower. Owing to the large number of people, the hall was not big enough for everyone to dance at the same time, so the dances were repeated.

The evening went on until 4 o'clock the following morning. The Earl and Countess arrived at the Tower where they stayed for a time, danced a few dances, then left.

While heading out of the Tower, they were heartily cheered by everyone present, and the evening was a success.