A DOG walker has spoken of her horror after finding a dog's body dumped in a child's playbox near a reservoir.

The canine's body was discovered at around 8.30am on Tuesday at North Third Reservoir, near Stirling.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was without a collar, but its microchip revealed it was ten-years-old and called Pepsi.

It is not yet known if the dog had died before its body was dumped, but the SPCA has confirmed they are looking into the death.

The woman who found the animal near a lay-by, and who wishes to remain anonymous, feels the dog died of neglect.

She said: "My partner spotted the box and I pulled the sleeping bag back and saw it was a wee dog.

"Although quite rural the area is popular with dog walkers and walkers.

"She had been left in a sleeping bag and was in a box covered with Mr Men and football stickers, like a child's toy box.

"When we found her we knew she couldn't have been left there long because there were no flies near her.

"However, when we left to call the SPCA and when we returned there were flies.

"I think she had lipomas because her stomach and back end were covered in puss.

"Her nails were long so I guess she hadn't been walked in quite a while.

"I don't think she had been neutered either and must've been in a lot of pain."

The microchip revealed the dog was originally from Kent, but it was likely owned by someone who lived in Stirling or the surrounding area.

The woman, who was outraged at the grim discovery said: "The owners had options; they didn't need to do what they done to her.

"It's just really sad that someone could do that.

"Whoever they are they're clearly not responsible dog owners and should never own another dog again.

"They were able to sleep at night while their dog was suffering and must've been able to afford to treat her as I'm sure they had a car to be able to drive all the way out here to dump her.

"I wouldn't like to think they own another dog."

Scottish SPCA inspector Louise Seddon said: “We can confirm that we have been alerted to a dead dog in Stirling and our enquiries are currently ongoing.”