TWO Stirling Council workers have been hailed as "everyday heroes" after helping to free a trapped driver from a car wreck near Doune.

Stevie Snaddon and Ally Paterson, both waste operators with the local authority, were first on the scene of the accident on October 21 – just moments after the vehicle flipped and landed on its roof.

The duo found the driver still inside the overturned car, now resting on the A84.

They immediately stopped their waste vehicle and sprung into action.

While Stevie called the emergency services and directed traffic around the accident scene, Ally approached the car and spoke to the driver.

Ally said: “As we drove up we could see that the wheels were still spinning, so it must have just happened.

“Obviously, you are wondering what you are going to see, but as I approached the car I could see there was someone in there trapped.

"His arm was moving and he was able to indicate that he was OK and there was no-one else in the car.”

Both men felt they had to help get the driver out as quickly as possible.

Stevie added: “We saw the back window was smashed.

"We took the parcel shelf out; took out everything that was in the boot; and the driver was able to crawl along the roof of the car and come out the back.”

Ally and Stevie stayed with the badly-shaken driver until the emergency services arrived.

Both men later tried to downplay their role in the rescue.

However, Ally, who has worked for the council waste service for more than 20 years, said he knew exactly what the driver was experiencing.

Some years ago his car had aquaplaned on the M80 and he and his wife had ended up trapped inside.

“You’re just terrified something is going to hit you, so we knew we had to get him out,” said Ally.

Kevin McCormick, waste services manager, felt it was typical of Ally and Stevie to step in without hesitation.

He added: “It wouldn’t have occurred to them to drive on by.

“Their quick actions meant a potentially-dangerous situation had a positive outcome.”

Indeed, it’s not the first time the pair have had to step in to help while on the job.

As they are often the first on the roads in the morning in rural routes, they occasionally stop to free sheep and other animals that are either stuck in fences or have wandered onto the roads.

Carol Beattie, interim chief executive, said: “We’re very proud of the selfless action shown by Ally and Stevie.

"They represent the very best of Stirling Council staff – everyday heroes who go above and beyond for us as a Council, our people and our communities.”

Councillor Jim Thomson, convener of the environment and housing committee, added: “I’d like to thank Ally and Stevie for their public-spirited actions.

"It’s a great example of Stirling Council staff stepping up to help in any way they can.”