A COURAGEOUS Stirling police officer who had part of his throat cut while subduing an agitated prisoner has been recognised for his fearlessness.

Constable Gregor Cameron stepped in to support a security officer who was dealing with the man who later produced a improvised weapon.

In December last year, the accused was being escorted from the courtroom at Stirling Sheriff Court to the cells.

As they passed the main entrance, the man started to drag her towards the door, shouting at her to remove his cuffs and lashing out at her with his free hand.

Constable Cameron, who was on duty, immediately went to her aid. As he did so, the man began to swipe at him with an implement, which was later found to be a plastic spoon that had been burned at one end to form a sharp point and dangerous weapon.

The officer used his 25 years' experience to disarm and restrain the man, quickly bringing the incident under control and preventing anyone else from being hurt.

However, he sustained a 5cm laceration to the side of his head, a puncture wound to his scalp and a deep, 7cm cut to his throat.

Constable Cameron, said: “The man was shouting at the security officer to let him go and trying to hit her as he dragged her along.

"My only thoughts were to get the situation under control before he really hurt her or anyone else.

"It was only afterwards that I realised I had sustained a number of injuries from the plastic weapon he had concealed on him.” 

His actions have since been hailed at the Scottish Police Federation Bravery Awards yesterday (Thursday, November 29).

The fourth annual awards honoured officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty.

A total of 22 police officers were recognised during the ceremony, held in the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh.

Andrea MacDonald, chair of the Scottish Police Federation, added: “Constable Cameron is a highly experienced officer. His quick thinking and actions that day helped prevent anyone from getting seriously injured.

"In his efforts, he himself suffered the main impact of the attack. It is down to his determination, bravery and exceptional efforts that the situation was so professionally and swiftly taken care of.

“These awards are about recognising the incredible efforts of Scotland’s police officers. It is right that they are honoured for their exemplary actions, which go a long way in keeping our communities safe.”

The officers attended a Reception at Bute House, hosted by Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, before the evening awards ceremony.

Stephen Mann, chief executive of Police Mutual, which sponsors the awards, said: "These annual awards are well-known for recognising inspiring acts of courage by police officers.

"This year is no different and we are once again reminded that outstanding bravery is being demonstrated every day in communities across Scotland. The winners are a credit to their family and friends, their communities, and the wider Police Service."

Earlier this month, two police officers were awarded the Police Scotland bravery award