A POLICE officer in Stirling was "justified" in using a Taser on a man he feared may harm himself, investigators have ruled.

An inquiry by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) found that the specially trained officer (STO) had not acted irresponsibly.

He took the decision to discharge the weapon at a 20-year-old at a property in Bannockburn on March 30 this year.

Police were called to a house following reports of a man being in possession of a knife.

Based on information available at the time, attending officers believed it was possible the man could take his own life.

Police had become aware he had a recent history of threatening self-harm.

According to the PIRC report, the STO had initially ordered the man to drop the knife, but he refused to comply.

When challenged for a second time, he dropped the blade only to run towards another part of the house.

Concerned the man may have access to another weapon, the STO discharged his Taser to prevent him from harming himself and to ensure the safety of others, the report stated.

The man was immediately incapacitated and arrested. He was later convicted.

The incident was referred by Police Scotland to the PIRC on March 30 as, due to initial material provided, it was unclear if the action taken by the officer was necessary and proportionate.

However, the investigation concluded that the officer's actions was “necessary, proportionate and justified” given the risk the man posed to himself and others.