A DUCK that was left horrifically injured after being shot through the body with crossbow has been euthanised.

An arrow penetrated all the way through the poor animal, leaving it barely able to move.

It was discovered by a member of the public walking along a canal running by the B816 in Bonnybridge on June 27.

Scottish SPCA inspector Andrew Gray said, “A passer-by alerted us to the duck, which was in considerable distress and dragging itself in and out of the water as it was unable to walk.

“The duck was rushed to a local vet to be examined but sadly the bird’s injuries were too extensive, and the difficult decision was made to put it to sleep.

“We are unsure of the circumstances surrounding the arrow, but we are keen to find the person or persons responsible.

“Birds, including ducks, are protected by law and any attempt to injure or kill them is a criminal offence.

“We are working closely with our colleagues at Police Scotland on this case to try and determine what happened.”

Constable Laura Robertson, Forth Valley Wildlife Officer, said: "Around 3.50pm on Saturday, we received a report of a duck having been shot with a crossbow.

“Enquiries are ongoing and we are asking anyone with information to contact the Scottish SPCA or to call police on 101, quoting reference number 2684 of June 27.

“This was a completely reckless and inconsiderate act on a defenceless animal and we are urging members of the public with information to come forward."

The Scottish SPCA animal helpline is open seven days a week from 7am until 9pm. Calls can be made completely confidentially on 03000 999 999.