A CREMATORIUM is offering final journey “truly out of this world” by scattering ashes in space.

Cremated loved one's ashes can now conquer the final frontier after the Westerleigh Group, which runs Stirlingshire Crematorium, entered a partnership with Aura Flights.

There are two options for the cremated remains of loved ones to journey into the void with the memorial launch service involving ashes being placed inside a so-called scatter vessel.

The vessel is fitted to a space-capable, biodegradable balloon filled with hydrogen with the ashes released in a gentle cascade at around 100,000 feet in altitude.

It then takes around three-to-six months or orbiting the planet until the ashes re-enter the atmosphere where those behind the service say they seed the formation of clouds and fall back to the earth as raindrops and snowflakes, all over the world.

The Voyager package involves a ceremonial portion of a loved one’s ashes travelling into space, to the same height as the scattering launch, before being returned to their families on earth in a premium miniature urn.

Donnie Connor, manager at Stirlingshire Crematorium, said: “We are always looking to expand the range of memorial options available to the bereaved in order to give them the widest possible choice and help them to create uniquely personal memorials for their loved ones.

“Aura Flights offer something that is truly out of this world.

“For centuries, man has looked up at the stars and dreamed of going into space; while few of us ever get to do this during our lifetimes, there is now the option to travel into space for your final journey.

“Within days of the ashes being scattered, families will receive a personalised memorial video showing their loved one’s final journey among the stars.”

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, there is an introductory offer of a 10 per cent discount made between July 3 and 31.

Samantha Richardson, general manager of Aura Flights, said: “We're delighted to be partnering with Westerleigh Group to bring Aura Flights to an even bigger audience.

“From the moment we started talking about a collaboration, they saw how special a space scattering can be and their focus is always on supporting the bereaved throughout their journey, which I really admire.

“They have a wealth of experience in the industry, but they're also always looking for how to make things better - just like our team of engineers and explorers.”