New BBC drama Ralph & Katie is a spin-off the popular show The A Word that follows the first year of the pair's marriage. 

The couple faces the same challenges as all newlyweds but they have the added factor that they have Down's syndrome. 

In the first episode of the spin-off, Katie invites her recently dumped friend Emma to stay but Ralph quickly feels pushed out. 

Trying to lend a helping hand, their new PA Danny tries to help but things backfire leading Ralph to try and win Katie back. 

The show is written by British playwriter Peter Bowker who has written an array of popular and some award-winning shows. 

This has ranged from Viva Blackpool, From There to Here, Eric and Ernie, Monroe, Occupation and many more. 

Ralph and Katie full cast list: 

  • Katie Wilson: Sarah Gordy
  • Ralph Wilson: Leon Harrop
  • Danny Hyde: Dylan Brady
  • Louise Wilson: Pooky Quesnel
  • Brian Denton: Craig Cash
  • Emma Hibbert: Jamie Marie Leary

How to watch Ralph and Katie

If you want to watch the new show, you can catch it on BBC One from 9pm until 9.30pm on Wednesday, October 5. 

Two episodes will air back to back each week at the same time, plus the show will also be available on BBC iPlayer.