Tinder has announced that its members will have further protection against online abuse, with developments to its ‘Does This Bother You?’ and ‘Are You Sure?’ features.

This is part of widening its categorisation of hate speech, sexual exploitation and harassment.

Additionally, Tinder is giving its members more control in-app with the introduction of ‘Incognito Mode’ and ‘Block Profile’ as well as upgrades to member reporting.

What are the 'Does This Bother You?' and 'Are You Sure' features?

‘Are You Sure?’ steps in before a message is sent in the instance that Tinder detects inappropriate language, defined as being overtly sexual or violent, reducing the sending of these messages by more than 10%.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Tinder is implementing a couple of new safety toolsTinder is implementing a couple of new safety tools (Image: PA)

Meanwhile, ‘Does This Bother You?’ encourages members to report inappropriate conversations and take action against members who choose to break the rules.

Rory Kozoll, VP of Product and Integrity at Tinder said: "Every touchpoint in Tinder has been built with safety in mind, but we’ve heard from members that they aren’t always aware of what safety features currently exist, how to use them, or how to approach staying safe when they take a conversation off the app.

“We continually work with expert partners to expand our safety features, and to inform our efforts to help those entering online dating to form healthy relationships from the start.

"Through education and information, our goal is to make Tinder the safest place to meet new people online.”

What new Tinder safety tools will be implemented?

Incognito Mode: Members who use Incognito Mode can still 'Like' and 'Nope' people in the app but only those whom they’ve 'Liked' will see them in their recommendations.

This feature will be available for Tinder+, Gold, and Premium members.

Block Profile: Block Profile is an important step to give members the option to choose who they want to see on Tinder.

Now, when profiles are suggested, before matching, members can block them so they don’t show up again.

This new feature comes in addition to Block Contacts and blocking following making a report. It is expected to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2023.