Winter Love Island has brought out all the stops this week with news that one of the islanders would be getting dumped from the show amid the arrival of a new bombshell.

On Tuesday's episode of the ITV2 dating show, new contestant Claudia Fogarty joined the villa while the residents were taking part in the heart rate challenge.

The drama only increased on Wednesday when the girls came down from the terrace to greet the newcomer just as the results of the popular challenge were revealed.

Claudia's arrival appears to have got the temperatures rising as Tom's reaction to her arrival raised a few eyebrows.

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Bombshell Claudia Fogarty dates Tom and Casey as she arrives at the villa

Claudia was then allowed to date two boys after she received a text from showrunners.

The bombshell then chose Casey and Tom to take out.

Tom and Claudia enjoyed some time under a pergola set alongside a stunning seaside view.

Tom remarked during the date: “I think I got the best of both worlds, two very nice views, I can’t complain.”

When asked why she picked Tom, she said: “The northern charm, you’re very similar to me and you’ve got very good eye contact, I love that.”

On Claudia's date with Casey, she said: “I need to get to know everyone, but coming in last night I feel like I was so drawn to you.”

Claudia then asked him: “What would your ideal date be?” to which Casey replied: "If I could picture a perfect date and a perfect girl it would be this.”

By the show's end, the islanders were sent an urgent text, saying: "Please gather around the fire pit immediately.”

They were then told there would be a recoupling with the boys picking who would be staying.

Who are the vulnerable contestants on Love Island amid cliffhanger?

Here are the vulnerable islanders: 

  • Ellie may be at risk after the islanders rumoured that the relationship was not as strong between her and Jordan amid concerns Jordan was putting more into the pairing.
  • Samie may also be at risk after partner Tom went on a date with bombshell Claudia, expressing an interest in exploring his options. 
  • Lana may also be at risk after Casey went on a date with Claudia with the two hitting it off fast.

Love Island airs daily from 9 pm on ITV2 and ITVX.