Whether you’re a seasoned multi-centre trip flyer or a lover of the short-haul holiday, one thing you might struggle to escape is the post-flight bloat. 

A British Airways cabin crew member has now revealed why flying can cause bloating, alongside top tips on how to prevent it - including the one thing she ‘always’ drinks before a flight. 

“Bloating is one of the most annoying things about flights - especially when travelling long-haul,” the flight attendant explained.

“The combination of reduced air pressure, dehydration and sitting for long periods of time slows down your digestion and leads to a build up of gas in your digestive tract. This is why you often feel bloated, gassy and nauseated while flying”.

For those looking to avoid bloating while flying, Abby Dunn, Marketing Manager at Ocean Florida, who has made the 9-hour flight to Florida 42 times, shares her top tip for dealing with this common problem.

Abby says: “The best thing you can do to minimise bloating and ensure comfort is to hydrate yourself - not only before your flight but also once you make it to your hotel or holiday villa too. 

She continues, “Try to follow the 24-hour rule - upping your water intake for 24 hours before and after your flight to prevent dehydration and water retention.”

Things not to do before a flight:

While there’s no definite way to prevent bloating, especially on a long-haul trip, the flight attendant revealed there are some common habits that are best avoided.

Revealing the things which can make flight bloat worse, she explained: “A really common mistake we see many travellers make is eating a large, greasy meal (like a fry-up) just hours before getting on the plane. This can cause bloating at the best of times but will only increase your chances of discomfort once in the air.”

“For travellers who are trying to minimise post-flight bloat, I would suggest avoiding eating anything heavy, spicy or greasy before you fly. Instead, try to stick to foods that are full of fibre and easier to digest.” 

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She also advised skipping the airplane food, saying “you lose your taste buds in the air so they fill the food with salt and oil to try and give it some flavour - which is extremely bloating.” 

And it’s not just food you need to be careful of, she also warns that “alcohol and caffeine have dehydrating effects, causing your body to retain water and worsening bloat” - so it might be a good idea to skip your morning coffee and pre-flight beer!

However, there is a drink she does recommend which can “calm nerves” and “reduce bloating”, and it’s so simple; the flight attendant revealed the one thing she always drinks when flying is “a large cup of peppermint tea” which she’ll have “before take-off and every few hours once in the air.”