The days are longer, the weather is (slightly) warmer and summer heat is just a few short weeks away (fingers crossed).

As we near the hotter days, that can only mean one thing, spending more time outdoors with the people we love.

That can often involve being outdoors enjoying a glass or two of your favourite drink.

Whether a nice ice-cold beer or cider, cocktail or a glass of wine, there is really only one drink that sums up summer.

The pink hues of rosé wine bring together the sweet and fruity taste of wine but in a more refreshing tropical way than other wines are able to do.

Every year, the start of summer sees supermarkets and wine manufacturers alike bring out new rosé they promise will be your next summer go-to.

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Aldi is one of those supermarkets, as the budget-friendly brand released a range of new rosé wines just in time for summer, with alternatives to the viral Whispering Angel and Miraval Alternatives.

Set to be the wines of the summer are, the Val De Loire Rosé, the Specially Selected Coteaux De Beziers Rosé and finally, the Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé.

I was lucky enough to try out each wine for myself, and they might be my new go-to Rosé’s.

I tried Aldi’s Rosé wine and rivals should be worried

Val De Loire Rosé (£7.99), Val De Loire Rosé (£7.99) (Image: Newsquest)

Val De Loire Rosé

Starting with the Val De Loire Rosé (£7.99), this pink wine was previously chosen as the wine of the week for the late May Bank Holiday, and there’s a clear reason why.

Coming with a well-thought-out graphic on the label, on just its looks you wouldn’t think the wine came from budget brand Aldi, let alone cost less than £10.

The French Rosé is described as “deliciously fruity rosé” and it is just that, offering a nice crisp taste that isn’t overpowering with a fruit taste.

Sweet at times, the Val De Loire Rosé has the taste of summer berries perfectly blended with some tangy citrus tastes.

I enjoyed a glass nice and cold with some salad, as suggested on the label, and it was the perfect match that made me feel as if I was sitting back relaxing in southern France.

Specially Selected Coteaux De Beziers Rosé (£8.49)Specially Selected Coteaux De Beziers Rosé (£8.49) (Image: Newsquest)

Specially Selected Coteaux De Beziers Rosé

Next up was the Specially Selected Coteaux De Beziers Rosé (£8.49), created using “sustainably-farmed vineyards along the Mediterranean coast”, according to the label and was selected by one of Aldi’s Winemaker.

Unlike the other Aldi wines on offer, it had a cork top but did share some similarities to the Val De Loire Rosé, both originating from France.

Slightly dryer than the former rosé, this Specially Selected wine does have a fruity taste but less citrus and more berries, using a blend of wild strawberries, raspberries and cherries to make a sweet taste.

While I’m not sure I liked it as much as I liked Aldi’s Val De Loire Rosé, I would happily enjoy a glass relaxing in the summer weather.

Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé (£9.99)Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé (£9.99) (Image: Newsquest)

Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé

Last but not least and the most expensive wine of the three is the Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé (£9.99).

This wine by Aldi was recently praised by Saturday Kitchen star Matt Tebbutt who shared it was “one of the nicest rosé I’ve had this year”, high praise.

Unlike the fellow rosé I got to try, as the name suggests, this wine was not French and instead originated from a Greek vineyard.

With its peach and citrus flavours, I think the Athlon Greek Assyrtiko Syrah Rosé topped the list as my personal favourite.


Another dry wine, it was not harsh and instead tasted almost sweet with its fruity counterpart that only added to the overall taste.

Described as an “elegant” wine, I can’t help but agree, with its shiny gold label and perfectly blended aromas, this might be my new go-to rosé.

You can buy all three wines in stores nationwide from Aldi or online.