Campervans give you the freedom to travel and visit many destinations while having everything you need in one place, from handy cooking appliances to a cosy sleeping space under the stars.

Some even have room for toilets and shower cubicles, meaning you can stay clean and fresh after a day of exploring.

But when it comes to knowing if you can park them on the street when they are not in use, you might be wondering what the rules are. Let’s find out.

Can you park a campervan on a residential street in the UK?

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When it comes to parking a campervan on the street, it seems the rules around this are a “grey area”, meaning there isn’t a specific answer, according to motorhomes specialists Oaktree Motorhomes.

This is because each local authority (your council) has its own rules.

Some areas in the UK may have time limits, size restrictions, permit requirements or prohibited areas when it comes to parking campervans.

The experts said: “In general, you have no legal right to park on the street in the UK, however, there’s no law to prevent you from doing it either.”

What can fail an MOT test?

Oaktree Motorhomes also advised, “there is no law that stipulates you can’t park your motorhome on the street, as long as you’re not sleeping in it.”

They added: “If your property has a drive, this is the best place to park it, as long as the vehicle has a valid MOT and tax. You might also choose to look for approved motorhome parking spots.”

But you should “be mindful of your neighbours and the inconvenience it might cause them”.

Your neighbours may object to you parking in the street if you’re blocking their access or light.

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“There is one exception and that’s if it specifies you can’t keep a vehicle on the drive or in the space outside your house in the property’s title deeds,” explained Oaktree Motorhomes.

“Some council houses or estates, or non-privately owned land may also have a clause that would prevent you from parking there.”

Always check with the local authority in charge of the road you want to park your campervan on to avoid breaking the rules.