A DAMP and cold night; in the cellar of a foreclosed Dundee pub. On paper, not the most enticing venue for new music, but Louise Connell’s performance at Conroy’s Basement was a surprising joy.

The setting proved to be relaxing and intimate, creating such a pleasant backdrop for the evening.

Shedding her Reverieme moniker, officially with the release of her Squall Echo Rale album in the spring, Connell is a bright light dabbling in the dim recesses of her mind.

Her new material is a melancholy reflection of an empathetic heart. Combining poignant lyrics and captivating melody, the delicate folk-country concoction is a restful offering for anyone with an indulgence for the odd sad tale.

Despite the grim subject matter, Connell herself is a chirpy character and wields a natural ability to connect with the audience – one which will serve her well in the future. The goofy back and forth with playing partner Stuart MacLeod adds a little extra as well.

Indeed, the songstress excelled in delivering a fine performance of the most recent single Careful Unplanned – a pleasant track laced with a hint of dark desperation. 

Other highlights of the set included the chilling No Visitors, the catchy Ten Feet Tall and the truly wonderful We Night – each bringing their own weight but contributing in kind to an overall sombre theme. Connell also drew upon previous material from her Reverieme days, with Sure, Daton and Golem all making an appearance on the evening.

Efforts to up-tempo sections of the set would cater to those in search of a toe-tapping night out – an easy task to accomplish, considering the formidable musicianship displayed by both Connell and MacLeod.

Nevertheless, it is words and music that should be heard by scores to come. An opportunity to catch them on stage should be given serious consideration.