DUNFERMLINE quintet Between the Lines are to make their return to the stage next year.

The five-piece have been working hard behind the scenes, recording and releasing four singles over the summer, starting with Val D’oro, Light of Day and (I’ve Never Been So) Keen to Know.

Their latest effort Set on You was unveiled last month complete with a new music video. However, 2020 is to bring a change in focus for the band, with live shows taking priority.

Guitarist Declan Duffy tells The Weekender: “We took a little break from gigging to concentrate on putting out some new material. We went into the studio in April this year and recorded the four tracks.

“We put out an EP in May last year, so this time we thought we’d try spreading them out a bit. They are doing better, figures-wise, than the last EP. But then that’s hard to tell if that was the reason or if more people know about us now.

“But it was a good experiment to see how it would go. We might look at doing B-sides for the next releases, though.

"...the last thing we want to do is put out something that we don’t like. And if we don’t like it, then we can’t expect anyone else to.”

“We’re going to kick on again in 2020 and get a few more gigs. There’s a bank of songs sitting there ready to get worked on so that will bring us closer to recording a few more.

“It’s a possibility, at least, and we tend to work quite quickly. Light of Day was written at the start of March and recorded at the start of April.

“It just depends. We don’t want to rush things; the last thing we want to do is put out something that we don’t like. And if we don’t like it, then we can’t expect anyone else to.”

The band have been pushing their songs through quirky music videos and a unique brand of social media promos where they borrow some footage of dancing celebrities and cut with a BTL track. Some of the latest victims have included Diego Maradona, Theresa May and Limmy, with characters from Still Game, Friends, La La Land and Line of Duty also getting the treatment.

They also got creative for their Light of Day music video, playing the role of a band in search of a new singer. They managed to get a few familiar faces to try out before real singer Lewis Moncur wins them over. The playful attitude is rife throughout their live sets as well, with a notable emphasis on showing their audiences a good time on the night.

Duffy says: “We were brainstorming and trying to come up with new music video ideas because everyone has seen us play live or in a rehearsal studio. We wanted to try something a bit different. It was good to get different folk involved, especially some people from the Dunfermline music scene. We even managed to rope my dad into it as well.”

He adds: “If folk in the crowd see that then they have a bit more fun as well. That’s what we’ve noticed. At our last headline show in Dunfermline, our drummer modelled some of our merchandise – only it was a crop top for girls.

"He put one of them on and everyone had a wee laugh at it – everyone was enjoying themselves. It was infectious and had a good feeling about it.”