THE VAN T’S make the stage their own. They demonstrate an innate command of the forum and make a crushing half-hour set seem so effortless.

But their erudition is no accident. The symbiosis between the leads, sisters Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson, and bass player Joanne Forbes is palpable. They display an understanding which can only come from years of playing together – and the great joy they take in performing is clear to see.

They take their time; they are measured. And though a polished display, it was riddled with attitude and defiance – a mood which lends itself perfectly to their grunge-punk-rock sound.

It’s clear The Van T’s can handle headline status and there is plenty of thought put into the stagecraft here.  The two leads are perpetually engaging; whether it is guitars behind the head, singing over the crowd barrier or the old crouch-down-bounce-up trick for the climax.

Of course, that is not to say this is a band concerned only with aesthetics or ephemera. They deserve a keen ear. Suis-je Cool? – the set opener – is a song which speaks to those who struggle to fit in: an ode to self-acceptance. Control also bears a similar poignance and reminds everyone to be themselves and not be dictated to by others.

Indeed, Control was a clear highlight for the evening and served up the big finish nicely. They came into their own in the final act, with Blood Orange and Fun Garçon rounding the night off with some emphasis.

There is surely more to come from The Van T’s and should find themselves with quite a few festival offers this summer.


Suis-je Cool
Seeing Stars
Inferno Hour
Blood Orange 
Fun Garçon 

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