DOMICILES are not your typical band ­– you do not listen to their work, you experience it.

It’s not about being easily digestible and offering up three-minute singles. Music can do more than the radio and the charts suggest. It can engage the senses and transport audiences. It is this ethos which governs the Fife quintet, and their debut album This Is Not a Zen Garden is the welcome product of it.

From start to finish, the record is a road trip of mind-bending proportions, laced with a series of hypnotic movements and unsettling undertones. And Domiciles do a fine job of translating from the recording to the stage. It is not so much a performance, as an event.

After a pre-emptive address from Robert Oppenheimer, they opened with a satisfying delivery of Six Degrees of Separation. Moving through the album in order, they peak with the mesmerising Sinking Sun before edging into the darker second half. Hyacinth proves to be another fine moment in the set before they round off The Drug is Not Enough and suspend their guitars from the ceiling, ending the night under a wave of dreamy feedback and white noise.

All in, it is carefully managed and caters for the senses. The audience feels what they want them to feel; hear what they want them to hear. There is a lot of effort put into visuals and the burning of incense helps to levitate the performance to a different level.

Coupling their unique sound to a live performance which is commensurate and fitting, is what stands the band apart.  It is hard not to imagine the scale of Domiciles show should it ever find itself in an arena, with formidable resources. As the support act frontman said on the night: “These guys are the real deal.”

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