THERE are some shows where everything just clicks. It’s hard to predict and impossible to manufacture. But you know it when you see it.

Enter Those Damn Crows: An emerging rock band from Wales with a sold-out venue, two days shy of their second album being released.

With things beginning to tick for the band behind the scenes – media interest, label support, radio play, chart recognition – all that was required was the five-piece to show they could put in a performance.

And so they did.

They walked on stage at The Cathouse no doubt eager to make a solid impression on, this, their first major headline tour in the UK.  Within a few minutes it was clear they were not messing around; a marker was laid down.

In anticipation of their sophomore effort Point of No Return, they teased the first five tracks on Spotify. With the buzz those singles created, it’s no surprise they played them all and doubled down with another four.

Indeed, they started the set with the new record’s opening track Who Did It, which set the tone for the evening, following up with Long Time Dead, before weaving in some tracks from their 2018 release Murder and the Motive.

A deconstructed version of their hit Blink of an Eye (complete with a Purple Rain intro) went down a treat, with Kingdom of Dust and Send the Reaper particular highlights of the high-tempo set.

Of course, the songs were played to perfection, but the real strength of the show comes from the band members and the way they interact with each other and the audience. No effort is spared to get everyone involved.

The indefatigable frontman Shane Greenhall was everywhere, all at once, making sure no section of the room was without a moment to take home. In between his many trips to the barrier, he was climbing the walls – literally. Security staff will have had their hearts in their mouths as he walked along the railing at the side of the room and even then he was focused on getting the crowd on board.

He was backed up in kind with the animated bass player Lloyd Wood on form. Indeed, the rest of the band – Ian Thomas, David Winchurch and Ronnie Huxford – were all incredibly tight, especially on the gloriously-heavy Send the Reaper. It’s clear they all share a strong understanding and delight at playing as a band.

Hype. Driving riffs. Catchy choruses. Stagecraft. Teamwork. These are all crucial qualities for any band, but Those Damn Crows have them all in spades.

“Who said Rock ‘n’ Roll is Dead?”


Who did It
Long Time Dead
Behind These Walls
Fear of the Broken
Set in Stone
Be You
Someone Someday
Never Win
Blink of an Eye
Kingdom of Dust
Send the Reaper
Sin on Skin
Go Get It
Don’t Give a Damn
Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Dead!