SOME bands make performing look effortless. They take to the stage and suddenly they are in their element. From the first note to the last cheer: seemingly effortless. The Nickajack Men are one of those bands.

The Denny-based quintet stroll onstage at King Tut’s to a wall of noise and ease into their set, without really breaking stride.

It’s a sell-out, as part of Celtic Connections, but these guys are not ones to be overawed by the occasion. Plug in and play.

But that is not to say The Nickajack Men are apathetic or complacent. The material they have written and the accomplished fashion in which they perform will be the product of sincere hard work.

Recording an album in the space of only a couple of weeks suggests this is a group that has a bit of momentum and are all going in the same direction.

Their live shows follow the same trajectory as they glide through their opener Rattlesnake, warming the audience up with a taste of things to come.

As expected, Gordo went down well with the boisterous crowd, while Having Trouble (Big Thing) was more than a little impressive.

Running was a crowd-pleaser, to be sure, but the highlight may well have come in the form of Ain’t No Palm Trees – which starts somewhat moody before kicking in with some aplomb.

It was a fine showcase of the band’s work to date, whetting the appetite for the now long-awaited album, due out at some point this year.

No doubt, the strength of that release will prompt a few more sold-out shows in the months to come.

Listen to The Nickajack Men on Spotify.


Be Fooled
Unwanted Sunrise
Having Trouble (Big Thing)
Consistent Ignorance
I Need
Morning Sun
Ain’t No Palm Trees
Pretty Pictures

Old Country Song
Changed Ways