REBECCA SHEARING is aiming to unveil a new single before her show at The Mash House in April.

Working under the name Shears, the singer is plotting a spring follow-up to last month's release Just Like You. The song – When You're Around – also carries an important message of self-worth and personal independence.

Indeed, much of her work is personal, with the Ayrshire-native possessing an inherent ability to shine a light on emotional issues – something which has stood her apart since she emerged as a bright young talent among the developing community of YouTube artists.

However, she has since launched a new project, releasing material under the name Shears, and beginning with her first single Circle Line in April last year. It is hoped her latest offering will be available before the upcoming gig in Edinburgh.

Shearing also revealed that there are further releases in the works and told The Weekender that there is a wealth of material "shortlisted" to be recorded.

She said: "The next song will be When You're Around – there's no release date just yet, but will be out before the show at the Mash House. It's about being okay to be by yourself, and not needing to have people around all the time.

"Also, there are those times when it's maybe not nice to have people around, just for the sake of it.

"I think we'll have more out as well this year and that will form a body of work."

The days of filming covers for YouTube is now a distant past for Shearing, with the singer delving deeper into her Shears sound. Often described as electropop, her songs are a mix of softer synths with some driving bass to kick the tracks on.

She added: "It was a project that I was working on for a few years and we started it up in 2019.

"The YouTube stuff was really me finding my feet; my sound, and how I wanted to progress. It also allowed me to get feedback all the time as well, to hear what people thought.

"I tend to write about things that I feel very strongly about – if I see something that angers me, for instance. If there is something that makes me feel a certain way, I can sit down at the piano and write.

"I work with a friend and he produces – then we send stuff back and forth between Edinburgh and Glasgow and it just works."

One thing that stands out for sure is Shearing's vocals, which are remarkable. From the material released so far, she demonstrates an impressive range with a mix of dulcet and harsh tones.

She said: "My voice lends itself to that [style of music] but I really enjoy the heavy bass and the synths. There are some delicate sounds on the likes of Circle Line but we like to get quite noisy."