EDINBURGH four-piece Go To Girl are back with a bang as they unveil their latest track Honesty.

The pop-rock quartet released their third single yesterday (Friday, March 20), following up on last year’s Shake and Rush.

With infectious grooves and an optimistic outlook, the song has already been well-received with more than 2,000 streams in the first 24 hours.

Lyrically, the piece is quite different. Honesty delves into the process of dealing with the breakdown of a relationship. However, the band’s singer Amy Rayner insists one key motivation behind the track was to provide some kind of hope - an effort reflected in the song's upbeat tone.

She tells The Weekender: “It’s a bit of break-up song – from a real-life experience. But I didn’t want to write just another angry break-up song, I wanted there to be a bit of hope in there, maybe a bit of empowerment.

“So, instead of being miserable and angry, it’s also got that element of trying to snap yourself out of that negativity – pulling yourself up from a bad situation.  You don’t need that negativity energy in your life, and I hope that for those who hear the song, and who have been through the same thing, it will help motivate them.”

LISTEN: Go To Girl - Honesty (on Spotify)

Honesty follows the release of both Shake and Rush and the three tracks complement each other well. Go To Girl is a group committed to putting on a positive show, ensuring audiences leave with a spring in their step and smile on their faces.

“They are all of a similar vibe,” Rayner adds. “They are upbeat, pop-rock, indie – and it’s likely something that more people will be listening to a little more at the minute, considering everything is not looking too great on the outside world.

“For some, it’s cool to be a little more grungey and for the lyrics to be a bit profound and sad, but there are ways to do that without bringing the mood down so much.

“We also like making music that people can dance to as well. We love playing gigs and seeing people properly getting into the beat or the bass riffs. It’s not all about the lyrics; it’s about the way the music makes you feel, as well. When we see people dancing – that makes us happy.”

...As soon as we can get back out there gigging, we’ll be there.”

The singer continues: “We’ve got such a huge range of influences amongst the different members in the band. I listen to a lot of pop, R&B, soul and rock; Anna prefers more alt-rock; while Mike and Angus like classic rock. So it’s kind of like a big mixture of all those influences and it works.

“In terms of songwriting, we don’t really have a set way of dealing with things – but it’s fun; it’s nice. Making music with your friends. We are all about having a laugh and enjoying ourselves. We try to bring that across on stage as well and try to have fun with the audience.”

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has put paid to plans for spring tours for so many artists. Still, Go To Girl will definitely hit the road at some point 2020 and plans are already ongoing to release a fourth track as well.

Rayner says: “Our next single, which we haven’t confirmed a date for, is actually a bit heavier than what we have put out before.  We don’t want to confine ourselves; we will be branching out a bit more in future.

“Everything is a bit up in the air, but we plan to use the time indoors by doing some acoustic versions of our songs, so people can hear them in a different way. A lot of the songs started off that way, so it’ll be interesting.

“For the future, hopefully, [there will be] another single to round up our first year as a band, maybe a music video, some festivals and a wee Scottish tour as well. But as soon as we can get back out there gigging, we’ll be there.”

LISTEN: Go To Girl - Honesty (on Spotify)