LIFE is slowly beginning to return to normal - some of us are even going outside to meet up with friends and family.

For music fans, the chat will always be about their favourite bands and any new tracks they have come across. 

This week there is a wealth of impressive releases from across the Scottish scene - ideal to discuss while bunched up in rainy beer gardens.


Avaera – Growing Up
The Perth three-piece follow up on last year’s releases with a catchy summer tune.

One-line review: “A care-free, nostalgia-infused rock-pop anthem.”
FFO: Dancing on Tables, Vistas, Swim School.


Vulture Party – Fear for my Child
The latest single from the Alt-pop group’s self-titled debut album.

One-line review: “Haunting and reflective – how we all see the world sometimes.”
FFO: L-Space, Cloth, Khoma.


Zoe Graham – Know by Now
The third single of 2020 for the hard-working electro-pop starlet.

One-line review: “Smooth, provocative and catchy with a hint of melancholy.”
FFO: Scarlett Randle, DENI, stmartiins


Pleasure Heads – Cosmopolis
Third release this year for the Falkirk four-piece, following up on the impressive War & Orange Juice.

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser:

One-line review: “Laid-back punk with some intriguing pop hooks.”
FFO: Voodoos, Gallus, Retro Video Club.


BETA WAVES – Come on over (From EP1)
Staying true to their pledge of releasing a new single every month, the Dundee duo are back.

One-line review: “Chilled pop anthem – should definitely make the Fifa soundtrack.”
FFO: PLASMAS, The Ninth Wave, Pelican Tusk


Mt Doubt – Dark Slopes Away
Third single to be taken from the Edinburgh band’s upcoming album Doutblands

One-line review: “An epic track which weaves in and out between the calm and the rage.”
FFO: Post Ironic State, Foreignfox, Wrest.


Misty Galactic – The Worst
Dark-pop queen returns with a third single of the year.

One-line review: “Deeply personal tale painted against a tense and dreamy canvas.”
FFO: Kohla, Katherine Aly, Massive Attack.


Man of Moon – Strangers             
The second single release of the year for the Edinburgh duo.

One-line review: “Psychedelic, almost disco, rock with a little bit of spice thrown in.”
FFO: The Music, Ist Ist, Django Django