THE end is in sight and bands are doing all they can to get back to live performances.

When that day comes, it will be a sensational occasion - especially with so much new material to showcase.

This week there are amazing tracks released by some outstanding talented Scottish bands and artists.


Dead Pony – Sharp Tongues
The second release of the year and it certainly makes the impression.

One-line review: “Explosive, filthy filth-rock with filthy guitar tones. Filth.”
FFO: QOTSA, The Van T’s, Spyres.


Cara Rose – This Nights Man
One of Scotland’s biggest talents goes a little more upbeat with a third 2020 release.

One-line review: “Folk-pop, laced with some neo-blues – with another amazing vocal performance.”
FFO: Luke La Volpe, Adele.


Post Ironic State – Grin and Bear (July 23)
New Wave upstarts continue their rise with a fourth single release.

One-line review: “Punchy disco-rock with a catchy, driving chorus.”
FFO: The Ninth Wave, Walt Disco, The Bravery.


Sunstinger – Nothing’s Alright, Leave Me Alone
Fife lads return with third single release of 2020.

One-line review: “A perfect hybrid of spacey, indie-rock and shoegaze-groove.”
FFO: Neon Waltz, Oskar Braves, Slowdive.


The Decadent Movement – Glasgow’s Burning (Jul 19)
A fine debut single as the trio lay down a marker.

One-line review: “A superb, moody folk-rock track with a heartfelt chorus line.”
FFO: Kieran Fisher, Gerry Cinnamon, Jake Bugg.


Mark McGowan – Simple (Jul 22)
Glasgow singer-songwriter returns with a laid-back toe-tapper.

One-line review: “Soul-infused vocals cutting through the indie-folk guitar lines.”
FFO: Paolo Nutini, Kyle Falconer.


Konner – Your Place
A third on-brand track from the synth-pop solo artist.

One-line review: “Catchy pop-rock number with a powerful vocal line throughout.”
FFO: Vistas, Blossoms, Dancing on Tables.