DRIFT have unleashed their creativity as they shot a DIY music video for their single Lifeline. 

With lockdown limiting opportunities, the Paisley duo of Linzi Clark and Andrew Quinn put together a homemade video, complete with intoxicating new visuals.

It was shot entirely in Clark's bedroom with a green screen and psychedelic lighting and serves as a fitting backdrop for the song itself, which was originally released in July.

Clark explained: “Lifeline is our late-night song in the set, so we wanted to capture that sense intimacy between us and the camera.

“We wanted to create a simple video that had a homemade feel but still an element of style.

"Last time we made a video [for Edge of Love] it was all about the concept and we really wanted to make a fun light-hearted video that was a bit daft.

"This time we thought it would be nice to keep things simple and focus just on us and the music in order to encapsulate a similar atmosphere to when we play it live.”

Lifeline was a slight departure in tone for Drift, as it traded in the immersive dream-pop of previous singles for invigorating, dance-influenced soundscapes. 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: The video was shot at home during lockdownThe video was shot at home during lockdown

Clark said: “I wanted to explore the secrecy and vulnerability in really letting go.

"That authentic moment we all get at times when you step outside of your own body and have a light bulb moment, letting go of ego and your own ideas of yourself and how you’re seen to others.

"It’s sensual, but with an underlying edge of vulnerability. It’s about treading the line between lust and love”

Quinn added: “After experimenting in the studio a bit with vocals and guitar we decided to go with a more prominent guitar sound and strong vocals which really tied the song together and has become a feature of our sound as a whole.”

Lifeline is currently available to stream on all streaming platforms, with the video available to watch on Facebook.