THE Vegan Leather will return with a brand new single following a landmark year for the band.

Following on from the success of Poor Girls/Broken Boys, the pop exponents will unveil their upcoming track Gloaming at the end of the month.

The single is said to be the beginning of a new chapter for the Paisley outfit, which delves into a darker mindset with a "swirling, atmospheric soundscapes and menacing narrative".

Marie Collins takes the lead with the song inspired by Emily Brontë’s classic tale Wuthering Heights.

She says: “We had been sitting on the tune for a while and had got it sounding quite dark and mysterious - I always felt transported to another world when I listened to it.

"It was around the same time that I started reading Wuthering Heights. A big portion of the book is set in wild and untamed landscapes and this really got me thinking about the song.

"I started to envision that same atmosphere - the song needed to be set somewhere gloomy, dark, mystical, half-visible, and that’s how I got to the word gloaming.

"The song sort of became a kind of monologue of a menacing narrator trying to entice someone into the wilderness with them.”

She adds: “In Wuthering Heights, Cathy always seems to run to the moors to seek solace whenever she’s feeling overwhelmed, but it always feels like there’s something sinister lurking.

"Gloaming then turned into a song about being led astray when all you're looking for is comfort. It’s about being led into your own darkness, following your ‘inner demons’ but still retaining that bit of light and goodness inside of you.” 

Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: Picture by Linzi ClarkPicture by Linzi Clark

Originally taking shape a couple of weeks after the release of Poor Girls/Broken Boys, before being completed in lockdown, the song saw The Vegan Leather retreat to the DIY recording methods that had proved so fruitful throughout their formative years. 

Co-singer Gianluca Bernacchi adds: “Our whole ethos moving ahead of the album (even before lockdown) was to record from home and self-produce.

"Marie and I started work on Gloaming in November just after the album released, revisiting the same recording methods we had used in our 2016-2017 work and we hit a big nostalgia trip.

"We hadn’t sat in my room passing a microphone back and forth quickly recording vocals off the cuff for years at that point, it sparked a real fire and joy in us.” 

He continues: “Once our tour wrapped in February, we had our sights set on releasing new music as soon as possible, we had booked in to record the drums for Gloaming (the only element we couldn’t do on our own) at Park Lane Studios (with Lewis Andrew). Two days later lockdown was announced so we were very lucky.”  

Gloaming will be released on Friday, October 30.