WEEKEND DEBT are readying a second release of 2020 with their new single Pomposity.

The Glasgow quartet take a look at ill-fated relationships with the track, while pursuing a bit of a "fresh sound" through the lockdown break.

Like so many other bands, Weekend Debt started the year in a high note, with a headline set at Tut's, but have watched on as opportunities dried up in the wake of the pandemic.

They used their time wisely, however, working to develop their sound.

Grant Scott, the band's singer and guitarist, said: "Our latest single, Pomposity, is a song that reflects on past situations and returning to the same relationship that I know I shouldn’t get involved with.

"Dwelling on these old scenarios can often be a bad thing, but the song tries to look at it in a positive way and poke fun at the feelings I had in that time.

"It is great to be back in the studio after months away and it is a fresh sound we are pursuing, which has spent time evolving in the covid stricken background."

Weekend Debt's Pomposity will be released on November 5.