UNCLE KID will make his bow later this month with the release of his debut single Supermarket Sweep.

The track is decidedly DIY with the artist making use of household items during the recording process.

Released on Friday the 13th, the single also includes input from Scottish visual artist and inventor, Alan Brown, who created a "suitably unsettling video".

Filmed every day during lockdown, the viewer's gaze is held while he evolves from clean-shaven to a heavily-bearded, Castaway version of himself. Brown's glitchy, Warhol-esque production adds to the general sense of unease.

Supermarket Sweep will be the first single from the upcoming Uncle Kid EP, Indistinct Chatter which features a combination of spoken word and singing throughout.

Of the debut track, Uncle Kid said: "It's a trip-hop, spoken word commentary on the anxiety of living through the covid pandemic, which delves into the friction between politics and nature.

"The song is built up around a gnarly bassline, glitchy electronic rhythms, and incorporates some radiator drumming (with pens for drumsticks)."

Supermarket Sweep will be available to stream from November 13.

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