TWO of West Lothian's emerging bands have come together for a unique double-A side release in aid of Trash Panda.

Dictator and Volka will each cover a song from the other band, with both tracks dropping on Bandcamp on Friday, November 20, and all other platforms from Friday, November 27.

Their efforts are in aid of Trash Panda - an organisation geared towards fostering better mental health through the creative arts.

Zach Goodhur, of Dictator, said: ”Trash panda has been a pillar in our local music scene and anyone who has ever attended a gig in the area will have met with Adrian and his team at some point.

"It was the only option for us to support his ambitious plan to set up a creative arts hub to further encourage the already flourishing local scene.

"It’s also no secret that we are amidst a mental health pandemic, so the addition of a mental health drop-in centre is a necessity for every community, not just our own.”

Calum Sked, of Volka, added: “Volka are supporting Trash Panda because we believe that creative arts belongs in West Lothian. We need not only a hub to create, but a space to support and look after each other in the creative arts community.”

Dictator will cover Volka's Equate as part of the release, with Volka returning the favour with a rendition of Dictator's Taped Up.

Trash Panda aims to provide audio hire and live event production support. The organisation is also working to open rehearsal, teaching and creative spaces with an outlook to improve mental health in our community.

For more on the enterprise, and how to support their efforts, visit