FIFE singer Mike Clerk has unveiled his second single from his forthcoming album.

Keep Movin' was released today, following on from Thoughts of Fools in August. Both tracks will appear on The Space Between My Ears, which will be released

Clerk's latest song is reflective and explores a specific aspect of the human psyche, with attention to the ability to restore ourselves from personal adversity.

His first track proved to be hugely-successful and turned many a head over the last few months.

Clerk is now also on the Wardlaw Music roster, along with world-class musicians who have worked with the likes of Massive Attack, Pulp, Kylie Minogue, The Zutons, Simple Minds, U2, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Stormzy and Ed Sheeran.

The singer says: “Since I put the first single out it all went a bit wild. I never expected it to be honest, as I’ve not even been able to gig yet - and especially during a time like this where most of the industry is really struggling.

"I mean, I have mates that do sound engineering and tour managing for some huge bands that are having to get jobs at Amazon to keep themselves afloat. It’s beyond brutal, so I never expected to end up in a position to be signing anything apart from mail deliveries.

"It’s the main reason why I’ve still never bothered approaching any record labels to work with on putting out the album. It’d just be bad manners to go knocking on anyone's door while they’ve got their own problems to deal with."

Clerk - perhaps best known as the frontman of The Lost Generation - has played a number of high-profile shows including Alan McGee's Death Disco and Club NME in London.

After leaving the band, he returned to music in 2020 finding a devoted fanbase still intact and eager to hear him making music again.

LISTEN: Keep Movin’ by Mike Clerk on Spotify.